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     About 'Gutter Dun Inc.'

Professional installation of 5" Continuous Eavestrough.
Professional installation of Soffit & Fascia.
Installation of Copper Eavestrough.

What we offer:
Installation of 5'' Continuous Eavestrough, Soffit & Fascia.

How are we able to offer our service?
Owning three 16' cube vans that are fully equipped with the necessary machinery & tools to complete the vast majority of contracts given.
We hold accounts with Monarch Building Supplies, Gentek Building Products as well as Waynes Building Products which enable us to provide the necessary colours and materials to meet your needs.

Our Goals:
As experienced professionals we strive to meet your expectations in an on-time, courteous, hard working and quality of service manner.

Our installers have a minimum experience of 5 to 20 years ranging in work across western Canada and have come to appreciate the need for quality of workmanship within the industry.

Our company is based in Calgary and is fully G.S.T registered, insured and W.C.B. compliant.

$3.95 per linear foot for full installation of Eavestrough & Downspouts. (As of June 2008)

All sub-materials (i.e. Endcaps, Outlets, elbows) are also charged at a per-foot basis. Pricing negotiable on provision of your own supplies.

We offer a 5 year written warranty on the installation & workmanship, 25 year transferable warranty on the materials that are used.

Free estimates, 10% Senior discount

 iron man 5 iron man 5" continuous eavestrough machine
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